Kloetinge wants to be the boss on the field against everyone in the fourth division

Van Boelje believes that Kloetinge will face strong opponents in the new competition. This makes it difficult to spell out his team’s classification.

“We want to qualify for the fourth division as soon as possible. We start against Capel and SC Feyenoord. Two teams that played for promotion. It’s a good test. After about ten games you can roughly tell where you stand. . We try to sell our skin as much as possible in every match, and We want to go for the win in those first two matches and play as well as possible.”

Van Poelje is not the only newcomer. Attacker Jorik Mijnhijmer came to Vesselpark from his old club Barony. In addition, Koen Plan (defender, Roosendaal), Gianni Vandebit (midfielder, Cossack Boys), Remon de Vlieger (midfielder, Ternussens Boys), Jesse van der Linden (defender, MZC’11) and Ruben de Jager (attacker, Hoek) Kloetinge Newcomers in

Jorik Mijnhijmer (32) will work under van Boelji for a seventh season. The attacker wants to contribute to a good season at his new club. Jesse van der Linden wants to ‘pop’ at his new club. The central defender, who played for second division team MZC’11, will fight for a starting spot, although he is currently injured in his groin.

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