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Next year, in 2022, Leiden will be the European City of Science. A big science conference is being organized and a lot is happening in order to shed light on science. The council, with Marilyn Damien as an executive local councilor, decided to go ahead and implement the knowledge through the Biology Project in 2022.

Area-oriented work has been an important topic for the Labor Party for years, and so we are glad that this modus operandi is a prominent part of the Leiden European Science City 2022 The project. Each neighborhood has its own structure and culture, and it is good to have cooperation in the project for each neighborhood with organizations and people who know the neighborhood best, from community centers to educational institutions, and from local entrepreneurs to houses of worship.

Knowledge through neighborhoods wants to allow knowledge to flow through neighborhoods in order to allow all Leiden residents to connect with knowledge and science. You can ask questions via Postbus71, there will be a radio program and projects are being carried out in the neighborhoods in which the residents participate.

PvdA believes that it is important to implement projects in those areas and neighborhoods precisely where the residents do not automatically deal with the benefit, value and pleasure of science and knowledge. Our consultant Tiny Cleaver has requested more attention to this; The college called for a challenge to the people of Leiden, especially there, to participate.

We are very passionate about the ambition to engage all Leiden residents with knowledge and science. The way the committee intends to achieve this in this proposal also includes increasing our knowledge about access to all Leiden residents.

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