KNVB calls on municipalities to continue investing in clubs: ‘Football is the biggest social network’ Dutch football

The National Football League (KNVB) is calling on municipalities to continue investing in football associations on Tuesday. The Football Association does so in an open letter in AD entitled “Football is more than just a sport”. The letter, signed by amateur football director Jan Dirk van der Zee, was sent to all members of municipal councils.

“Football is the largest social network in the Netherlands. It engages people in their environment and makes them move. Sport makes an enormous contribution to our society in terms of health, communication and the economy. This makes nearly 3,000 football associations indispensable in municipalities in the Netherlands,” he says. Van der Zee.

“Everyone who invests in sports makes gains in neighborhood, school, health care, and the field. Give the association in your municipality the attention it deserves in the coming years. Starting with a key place in the coalition agreement.”

The Netherlands has nearly three thousand football associations, 1.2 million football players and 400,000 football association volunteers.

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