May 25, 2024


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Koen Bijen scored a goal during the first Hockey World Cup

Koen Bijen scored a goal during the first Hockey World Cup

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VOORBURG – Together with his twin brother Tom, he played football at Forum Sport and Excelsior, but Koen Bijen (24) found a new challenge in hockey. Now plays for HC Den Bosch via HDM and Little Switzerland. He made his debut at Orange at the end of 2021. He is currently playing the World Cup in India; His first major tournament.

“A great experience in a hockey crazy country. At the airport we were already met by supporters and camera crews as if you were a professional footballer. The stadiums are the size of football fields with us. Playing hockey for 20,000 people is a dream come true. You want it to be a great athlete, it’s a great experience.

He has been an international player for a while, but being selected for the World Cup was a special experience. “It’s exciting. You want to play in a big tournament. That’s always been my goal. I was in good shape, but it always remains to be seen.

Used to cold India from cold Netherlands. “We came here 10 days before the start of the World Cup and got used to the climate, humidity and food. Luckily no one got sick. We played good games against Malaysia and New Zealand but we can always do better.