“Kökcü does not have much space to develop in Feyenoord”

Arne Slot paid tribute to his captain Orkun Kökcü at the pre-match press conference against FC Twente on Friday afternoon. The Rotterdam coach believes that the midfielder is doing excellent development in his team, but he has reached his ceiling at Feyenoord.

“I think Orkun has developed in many points. In fact, in all points of football. Orkun is a very social boy. He’s improved with the ball, he’s improved without the ball and he’s in control of all points. He can still get mentally advanced at times.” , but it would also be strange if there was no room for improvement at all,” Slot begins about his captain.

Mentally, the Turkey international can still make progress, according to his coach. “How do you deal with disappointment. And not with a big disappointment like losing a game, but also with moments in the game, when you get the ball or not, when your passes arrive or don’t arrive. The process. That I really wanted to talk to him about again today. It’s just about very little things.”

Slot thinks Kökcü is on his roof in Feyenoord for the time being. “A player like Orkun doesn’t have much room within Feyenoord to develop in a big way. In that regard, he’s already pretty much already in the roof of the club where he’s at now. Where I might as well try to join him. Look. For improvement opportunities.”

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