Konami Frogger offers people who are good at crossing busy streets

If you are exceptionally good at walking you only have the chance. Konami turns Frogger, a classic arcade game where you drive a frog along a busy road, into a TV game show. It’s exactly what you think: a race on an obstacle course where racers must “dodge treacherous traffic, hop on gates and hop over hungry hippos”.

According to the deadlineThe series will air on NBC’s Peacock, which is currently only available in the US. It includes 13 obstacle courses that participants must navigate and within Open call to residents of the United StatesThe show was filmed on location in Australia, but anyone holding an American passport is eligible for wildest frog fantasies. The winner will receive a “huge” cash prize – this does not mean that you will need money once the world knows you as the “lived frog”.

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