Korean actress Jung Ho-yeon will be acting in English for the first time

South Korean actress Jung Ho-yeon, best known for her Netflix series Squid game, for the first time in an English-language role. Soon the actress will appear in Disclaimera new series from Apple TV +.

In an interview with American Men magazine GQ The Korean dropped that she was going to star in her first English language role. This will not be an easy task for her.

“I like to challenge myself,” Jung, 28, told the magazine. GQ. “Trying to speak English well and act well at the same time was very difficult… it was probably too difficult.” The actress says she is taking English lessons to improve her language skills.


According to Jung Ho-yeon, there are many differences between acting in Korea and the United States or England. “In Korea, for example, we don’t have any Make-up trailersShe says. “But in England and America they have such a great system that gives actors more personal space to prepare.”

She is also grateful for the opportunities that have been afforded to her in the Western world. This is exceptional for her: “It’s very rare for a Korean to get so many opportunities in this community. I don’t want to miss that.”


Based on the novel of the same name by Renee Knight Disclaimer The story of Kathryn Ravenscroft. She is a successful and well-known television journalist who reveals the secrets of prestigious institutions. Cate Blanchett, known for Lord of the ringsShe will play Catherine.

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What Ho-Yeon’s role will be in the series and when the series will be available on Apple TV+ is still a question mark. We know that Jung Ho-yeon will be playing ‘Kim’.

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