Korfballbond is still hoping for field competition and comes with a roadmap

EDE Korfball KNKV hopes that league matches will continue to be played this season. The union comes with road map Which lists the different options and possibilities.

The past months have mainly dominated restrictions on what is not particularly permissible in this coronavirus period. At the moment, we are at a tipping point where the national government feels it is safe to give more and more space, “according to the korfball federation.” KNKV is glad to hear that the value of (team) sport is recognized. Now, as of March 16th, it is also possible more and more for members 27 years of age or older, KNKV is sharing a possibility with associations through a roadmap. ”

KNKV hopes that the national government will give space to play the league matches in the coming period. “We are following the activities of NOC * NSF in this in order to have the roadmap for the sport used to the maximum. The requirement for KNKV is of course that it must be safe and reliable, and the KNKV is based on the judgment of the national government. You will find the roadmap to start the competition with potential starting moments.” And playing weekends Here.

Training with resistance For senior members 27 years of age and older, there is already potential for training, albeit with some limitations. “Before the start of the competition for the elderly, we consider it essential that these members have had the opportunity to train with full resistance for a period of at least 2.5 weeks.”

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Youth There may also be room to compete only with youth teams. In this case, KNKV will only organize a competition for those target groups on the basis of the roadmap and may respond to the current events of the major competition.

Preparations In order to properly organize the competition, preparations must begin in the short term. KNKV: The first step will be to submit the A2 (to register teams) form to the Associations no later than March 23rd. The deadline for this form will be Wednesday, March 31st. A follow-up schedule will be sent with Form A2. It may be necessary to choose to shorten or eliminate response times for certain parts of regular planning. However, this depends entirely on developments from the national government and KNKV is trying to limit this as much as possible. “

Promotion / degradation The korfball contest will have a sequel from the games that were already played in the fall. “The Board of Directors will make a final decision at a later stage on whether or not to implement the upgrade / relegation plan. If the competition is not completed due to the fact that it is still closed by the national government, then the Federal Council’s decision will be implemented in June 2020. This decision means that it is The competition will be declared null. “

More information will be available soon for the 2021/2022 internal competition. Associations are requested to keep all questions until that time.

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