Koroni welcomes successful bakers and bakers

The people of Koroni neighborhood may soon welcome a bakery. Preparations for this are already in cans and jugs. In the lead up to this moment, the area already has a number of bakers – mostly women – who have successfully completed baking and pastry training. The training given on May 6th and 7th was an initiative of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Tourism (TCT) in collaboration with the Suriname Tourism, Hospitality and Training Center (SHTTC) and the Koroni Provincial Commissioner.

On Saturday 13th May, a test run was already taking place in the bakery, as the ovens were donated by the Kies Voor Ontwikkeling Foundation (KVO). District Commissioner Michael Winter says the goal is to officially open the bakery to the coronavirus public on May 26. In addition to the fact that the successful bakers, all of whom were civil servants, were required to take the proof test, they would also be approached to work at the bakery so that the commissariat, as manager, could pay the workers themselves.

The mayor expresses his hope that when the time comes, the Korean community will eagerly use the services of the bakery. He notes that so far bread has been supplied from Paramaribo. However, bread is only available around 11am, when the kids are already at school.

UNHCR will try to keep the products as cheap as possible. In addition, social institutions will be accommodated. The first 500 loaves of bread on Saturday were donated to a retirement home.

From the TCT Ministry, Robin Forster was responsible for coordinating the baking and pastry training. This widget is fully committed notes in interrupts. “The trainers taught the participants as much as possible the tricks of making traditional bread and pastries,” says the coordinator, who said it was about building capacity and developing local tourism. In this context, it was decided to enable the participants to develop their own products. “The women are motivated to do something good for their region,” Forster added.

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