Kravitz takes a look at Red Bull boycott: “I say what sane fans think”

Sky Sports F1 correspondent Ted Kravitz made himself unpopular with Red Bull Racing fans last year when he stated at the United States Grand Prix that Lewis Hamilton had stolen his eighth world title. in the British independent The journalist looks back on that moment and says he simply said what “sensible fans” thought.

Of course, it has everything to do with the title finale in Abu Dhabi 2021. Not only were Mercedes and Hamilton disappointed, but the British press was also happy to see the eighth title go to the seven-time champion. While Kravitz’s remarks last October were slightly more nuanced than the way they were presented, the Englishman looks back on those words and acknowledges that Red Bull may not like them, but he will always say how he sees things.

Sayings from F1 fans

When asked about this particular statement, Kravitz explained: “People may misinterpret what I say or hate it, but I will always say things as I see them and how Formula 1 fans see things. And they may not like it.” The Briton’s comments confirmed that Red Bull Racing wanted nothing to do with Sky Sports F1 the following weekend.

I will always correct myself

Kravitz isn’t the hardest to correct himself, when necessary. “But if you’re being honest with yourself and accurate — I’ll always correct myself if you’re not. But I think most people like that and that’s fine,” he explains. He was not pleased with the fact that such a storm had arisen over his statements last year: “To be honest, they embarrassed me a little.”

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