KRO-NCRV Shadow Game Documentary Won Awards at Geneva Film Festival | Currently

From KRO-NCRV- Documentary Shadow game Received an award at the FIFDH Human Rights Festival in Geneva on Saturday night. The documentary won the Young Jury Prize and the Geneva Grand Prix.

In the film, directors Evgie Blankfort and Els Van Driel follow refugee children who travel alone during their three-year journey through Europe. In search of safety and a better life, they try to cross borders, risking their lives.

The jury praises the way this social topic has been portrayed. “Shadow game This is a surprisingly amazing movie that deals with very important issues with strong characters. It is an innovative movie. Using videos and social media made by the teens themselves Shadow game Cinematic, groundbreaking film, “says the jury report.

Van Driel has been honored with the prize, in particular the Young Jury Prize. “The fact that the youth rulers identify with their defector peers is exactly what we wanted to achieve. Young Europeans themselves seem to see very well how arbitrary the unlucky or the lucky, the one who gets the opportunity and the one who does not,” he says.

Shadow game It is shown for the first time at the Film Festival of Cinematic Interest, which will be held from April 16-25 in The Hague. The documentary will be shown in Dutch cinemas from May 27 and can be watched on NPO2 in November.

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