Kuwait: “I have never committed myself to becoming the head coach of Feyenoord” | Dutch football

According to persistent rumors, Martin Van Gill, former Feyenoord coach, once promised Kuyt that he would lead the first team. But according to the former striker, this is not the case.

“I have a very good relationship with Martin Van Gill,” Kuyt said. “When I was in the Coach Course, I managed to become the Coach Coach Coach. I thought that would be fun, but Martin wanted me to do Feyenoord U19. After a while he said he was convinced that I would eventually become the head coach for Feyenoord. So we discussed that. But. Martin left. No promises were made at all, I want to get rid of that. “

Kuyt said goodbye to Feyenoord at the start of this month. In recent years he has participated in various places in organizing Rotterdam Club to gain experience. Manager Frank Arnesen had wished to keep Kuyt in an official position at the club, but the international orange 104 times believed it would be better for his development to leave Feyenoord.

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Watch Rondo’s broadcast, with Kuyt’s comments on Feyenoord 28 minutes later:

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