Kwiek’s VOC does not give the title candidate room to practice regional sports

Premier League HandballKwiek managed to make it very difficult for VOC in the fifth post-competition game, but it couldn’t do the trick. In Amsterdam, Team Raalten suffered a 30-20 defeat to a team that had already confirmed their place in the national title final last week.

VOC coach Rachel De Hees had indicated up front that she wanted to get some practice in the game against Kwik, but it was different. “Nothing came of it,” Kwik coach Arjan Averenc said with satisfaction. “The VOC had a hard time against us. Last time, we picked up the pace, but we just couldn’t keep up, so we lost pretty well. This time, therefore, it was the commissioning to hold off. They struggled with it, just like with our defensive cover.” .

Ten minutes later it was only 4-2 for the VOC. “At that moment, we lose three hundred percent chances and the VOC might escape a little bit. That was the breaking point. We stayed in their tracks for a long time, but when we had to, it just didn’t work out. We also played nice and smart.” Goalkeeper Maud te Wierike played a great pot. “She came from Ladies 2 and knew she could start this game. I went for it, unbelievable what a stop.”

Eredivisie – Premier League B
VOC – Kwik 30-20 (14-9). QUICK OBJECTIVES: Jessica Hillebrands 4, Elisa Marsman 4, Tessa Hillebrands 2, Flor Totter 2, Astrid Otzlag 2, Lisa Bush, Flor Levers, Maron Schippers, Neil Vildheis.

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