KWPN stallion Intro K was sold to Australia

Intro K, Femke de Laat Photo: Melanie Brevink-van Dijk

Femky De Lat said goodbye to the KWPN stallion introduction k (against Apache). Amazon announced it via social media. “You’ve now arrived at your beautiful new home in Australia,” says De Lat, who hands the reins of Intro K to Heather Kyros and Kate Kyros. “Intro will continue its run here.”

“We had so many great moments with him! First time certified KWPN stallion, first time stallion competition, many wins at Base and Subtop! And so much more!” De Lat continues in her message wishing the new owners good luck. Hard to see him leave!!


Intro K was approved in 2016 with a score of 79, which he earned 7.5 for walks and 8 for all other parts, described in his report as follows:

Introduction K is a fairly honest and sensitive stallion with a good attitude. The stallion is very willing to work and can run well. The march is crisp, energetic and has more than enough range for a good. The trot is light, has a good range and a good lunge. The canter is active, light-footed with good range. The Intro K moves with a lot of flexibility, a lot of self-shift and a lot of balance. As a dressage horse, the Intro K has a lot of talent and makes his rider feel good.

The new Amazon

On the new owners FB, Intro K is presented as Kate Kyros’ new horse. The eighteen-year-old Australian rider has competed twice this year at the Junior International level with Cadman Cortlandt (Written by BJ Kaneto Casanova). The stallion will be available for breeding in Australia.

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