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Kylie Waterreus drove more than 70 kilometers in the lead during Omloop Het Nieuwsblad on Saturday. The senior teams had to chase the cyclist from Ulestraten with their two refugee classmates.

In preparation for the Spring Classic racing, she has been living in her own team bubble with fellow Austrian teammate Anna Badegruber for some time.

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They have been inseparable for the past few weeks. From a joint training camp in Spain to devouring miles on the Limburg roads: everything with the goal of going well in the Belgian Spring Races

Living with the Waterreus family
After the training camp in Spain, the Austrian cyclist stays with the Waterreus family. “I am very happy to be able to live with them during this period. It’s nice because at this time of the season most of the matches are played in Belgium,” says Badegruber.

Clicks well between riders. There is a lot of laughter. Especially when the L1 TV crew is stopped by a few boas. Driving on the bike path and filming from the car are a long way from law enforcement.

Language Lesson for Badgropper
Waterreus immediately takes the opportunity to expand the vocabulary of the Austrian language: “hand catchers, who make sure that you do not do anything that is not permitted.” During training sessions, we don’t just work on endurance. “When we move around together, I take Dutch lessons from Kylie,” says the contestant from Salzburg in almost perfect Dutch. “She is mainly interested in grammar. Sometimes it is difficult for me to find the right articles.”

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We don’t know the cobblestones in Austria
In addition to instructions on how to master the Dutch language better, Waterreus also provides course advice. Badegruber notes that it is not easy for the Austrian to gain a foothold in the world of cycling. “We hardly know the cobblestones in Austria. It helps Kylie give me tips on how to drive better there.” “You gotta drive over it as fast as you can,” Watreus immediately shouts, laughing and above all push the pedals hard.

The path is next to cycling
Unlike world leaders like Anna van der Bregen, Chantal van der Brock-Blaak and Anemik van Floten, Atreus has a job in addition to her cycling career. She works three to four days a week for a hotel reservation agency. “It’s convenient and measuring the time between work, training and competitions,” explains Watraeus. “But if you have good planning this can be done.”

The niece of former football goalkeeper Ronald Watreus points out that she doesn’t like just participating in cycling. “That wouldn’t be for me, I love socializing and doing other things.”

A step up
The Multum Accountants Ladies cycling team, which is the team of both riders, does not have Word Tour status. The team relies on invitations from the organizers to participate in major competitions. “About fifteen races have been planned in the coming weeks, including the Betty Race, the Amstel Gold Race. Unfortunately we have not been invited to the Liege-Baston-Liege and Paris-Rubex show.”

Waterreus would like to go one step further. She does not rule out switching to another team, perhaps a world tour team. “For the time being, let me do my best with this team, then we’ll see after that.” The cyclist from Ulestraten has no shortage of optimism and reality.

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