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Saturday in L1mburg Central: Municipalities struggle with fireworks, Limburgers in the US hope something will change, work for psychological problems and more Limburg news.

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Municipalities are struggling with fireworks
Should municipalities ban fireworks? Or is it wise to wait for national evidence from the government? More and more municipalities are grappling with this question. In northern Limburg, Mook en Middelaar doesn’t want to wait any longer, in part because the municipalities surrounding Gelderland have already taken the lead.

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In the United States, Limburger hopes that something will change
Will Trump be re-elected? Or will it be Joe Biden? Elections in the United States (USA) in three days. Limburgers living in the US are hoping that something will change in “the land of the free.” We are also discussing elections at the table with politician Mark Verhein. Travel across the United States for the Limburg newspaper in the spring to paint a picture of the country.

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Work for psychological problems in young people
More than 10 per cent of young people in Limburg received assistance through youth sponsorship in the first half of this year. This is evidenced by the figures released by Statistics Netherlands this week. Limburg, along with the northeastern Netherlands, has the largest number of young people with mental health problems in the country. To draw attention to those problems that many young people face in Limburg, a campaign was organized today The last steadfast men A place, also in Venray.

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Trembled at the king’s lust
In Koningslust, you can only be afraid of his life this Halloween. René and Michaëla Coumans have created a horror park there that wouldn’t look out of place in a horror movie. They’ve been running the idea for thirteen years and after a comment from a neighbor across the street, they decide it’s time to start doing it.

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Lawrence’s love of carnivorous plants
One collects cookbooks or pens, the other keeps pigeons, but few people spend hours a week growing carnivorous plants. Blerick has someone with this hobby: Laurens Eggen. In his garden there is a greenhouse in which there are various types of carnivorous plants. And of course there are a lot of dead flies.

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Thomas Van Bommel delivers the MVV point at its extreme
After three straight defeats, the MVV managed to grab one point last night, in Helmond. The great man was Thomas Van Bommel. In the final second, Marc Van Bommel’s son scored the equalizer. This was his first goal as a professional soccer player, namely on the field where his father Mark scored his first goal in 25 years.

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