Lamers see no room for loosening ambiguous rules and sending broad messages to galleries

by Tjerk van der Ende

Schiedam municipality will send an extended letter to the fair owners in Schiedam with an explanation of the official openings. The reason is the hype this summer about whether or not drinks are served at showroom openings.

The uproar was caused by an unexpected alcohol screening at the old show of Jack and Belinda Tang in May of this year. This led to uncertainty among gallery owners about whether or not alcohol could be served at the opening of galleries and galleries.

The coalition parties VVD, DENK, PvdA, D66 and Progressief Schiedam submitted written questions to their council on the matter. They pointed to a proposal passed in July 2019 about mixed forms of retail and restaurant business: blackout. According to the parties, the council’s ambition must be pursued: to provide more space for a range of different activities. This ambition was also expressed in the coalition agreement in June 2022.

In an initial response, the municipality has already indicated that it believes the rules are clear, “but it is possible or not everyone is familiar with the rules”. In the answer, Mayor Coeur Lammers personally emphasized that the rules are clear. “There will be an extensive message to the gallery owners, explaining the modus operandi at the official opening.”

Waiting for the cabinet

Lamers says he is willing to speak with the gallery’s owners if he receives an invitation. The call for better regulation on obfuscation is being ignored by Lamers. “This is not possible under the current legislation. We are awaiting a possible amendment to the alcohol law at this point by the Cabinet.”

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According to the mayor, an enforcement action like Mayo in Jack Tang’s arcade will not happen again. Lammers: “Control of these tasks is not a priority. Exhibits are not actively screened.”

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