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Thursday 28 July 2022

Structural | 36 hours a week

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Are you a landscape designer / public space designer and would like to contribute to the design of the public space for the municipality of Groningen? Projects with significant spatial and sometimes social challenges in the areas of climate, cultural history, quality of life, housing and accessibility.

Groningen Municipality is growing! The municipality is the sixth largest city in the Netherlands with a population of 230,000 and is rapidly growing to 250,000 inhabitants. The municipality is the undisputed career driver of the economy in the north of the Netherlands, with large employers such as the University Medical Center Groningen, the university and the Hanse University of Applied Sciences. More and more people are going and wanting to work, live and study there.

As a designer/landscape designer for public spaces, you work on different types of tasks. We give you the space to tackle redevelopment tasks for public spaces, but also complex projects where energy transition, environment and sustainability are key concepts. You are good at conducting spatial analyzes and addressing the thoughts and desires of the local population. You can contextualize design tasks within a given budget and work together on project and district teams with (district) urban developers and consultants/designers for Mobility and Heritage. You are jointly responsible for the sustainable development and design of public spaces.

You are

Where do you come to work?
You are part of a spatial design team with 35 passionate colleagues, which consists of urban planners, urban designers, landscape architects, designers and mobility consultants/designers. The team is part of the Urban Development Directorate.

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In order to be successful as a landscape designer, we require the following from you

Of course, there is something opposite, too. The moment you join us you will receive from us

Salary, depending on your background, max total 4,671 euros per month, job scale 10, HR 21 standard positions, design and preparation officer III;
You can choose to accumulate ADV hours;
In addition to this salary, you get an additional 17.05% of your salary each month; We have what’s called an individual choice budget. This budget consists of a vacation allowance, year-end bonus, a lifetime contribution, and a number of additional statutory leave hours. You can choose whether you want to save this, or whether you want it with your paycheck each month. You can also purchase additional vacation hours with it;
We consider lifelong development to be completely normal. That’s why we have the digital learning portal “Groningen Lirt”;
A phone and an iPad or laptop on loan;
The opportunity to work from home. In this case, we facilitate for you the facilities that make this responsible, such as an office chair or an additional monitor;
We have an active youth association for civil servants up to the age of 35 and of course a staff association;
As an organization we are constantly developing. This means that there are always different career opportunities for you, both within the board of directors and in the entire organization;
We have more additional benefits; We’d of course be happy to tell you more about that too!
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For more information on job content, you can contact Marcel Klaveringa, Team Leader of Spatial Design, at 14050.

You can only reply via the digital application form via the button “ProgressingYou can apply until August 26, 2022. A confirmation of receipt will be sent via e-mail immediately after the digital application form has been submitted. Correspondence from the municipality of Groningen regarding this vacancy will likely end in “Unwanted Items” (SPAM box). SPAM regularly!

This vacancy will be provided externally, with priority given to internal candidates from the municipality of Groningen.

Internal employees are: employees who have an employment contract for an indefinite and fixed period of time with the municipality of Groningen; (former) employees who receive benefits from the municipality on the basis of the Municipal Collective Labor Agreement (Chapters 7, 9 and 10 of the Municipal Collective Labor Agreement); Participants in the Diversity Opportunity Group, employees with work experience, a reintegration job or a social job, working within the municipality of Groningen; WSW staff. Interns (after working in Groningen municipality for six months); crew

Acquisition in response to this vacancy is not estimated.

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