Larry lives in UK for 10 years: the only person who managed to stop Trump | Abroad

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According to its first owner, Prime Minister David Cameron, Larry outdid three mice in his first months, but then dropped his attention. And because he won the hearts of the public and the press, he will not be replaced. In 2012, he received help from Freya’s cat, who was more fanatical.

Rumors in the press that the Cameron family disliked having Larry in its infancy were wiped out by 10 Downing Street. In the British House of Commons, Cameron stated that he loved Larry and proved his declaration of love with a photo of him and the house cat.

“He greets guests, checks safety systems, and tests antique furniture for the suitability of their naps,” says Larry on his official website. He is also thinking of a “mouse-at-home solution”, but is still in the “tactical planning” stage.

After Cameron, she saw Teresa May come and go. He now lives with Boris Johnson. According to historian Anthony Seldon, Larry “helps make the prime minister more humane.” It also provides a distraction during politically difficult times. It also shows itself during the official visits of heads of state.

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Here are some of the most important highlights of Larry’s British residence (video):

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