Latest prediction: Chinese missile crashes on Sunday morning …

It looks like a large part of the ‘Long March 5B’ rocket, which is expected to crash into Earth this weekend, will land near Australia.

Weighing in at 20 tons, the launch vehicle has been one of the largest active materials to return to our atmosphere in decades. The Chinese space agency’s plane was launched last week to send a module to a new space station, but it has only gotten worse after being disconnected.

Read more. The lost Chinese missile will soon crash into Earth, but when and where? No one knows

The missile is expected to crash uncontrollably on Earth this weekend. It is not yet clear exactly when and where this will happen. According to the latest estimate from the US space agency Aerospace Corporation, it will take place at 6 a.m. Sunday. According to the current route, the missile could collide in the east of Australia, near the North Island of New Zealand.

Those predictions are very unreliable, so it is not certain that it will happen exactly at that time and place.

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