Laubach attacks Op1 guests for ignoring curfew | entertainment

“I don’t have to come and sell my show during curfew and show that I deserve to be allowed out,” he said. Loebatch. “This is on the spot to make everyone in the studio feel bad.” Other guests included a former Op1 presenter Sander Schimmelbink, Which discussed the gender pay gap, and Renee Much at Emka Marina, Who came to talk about a podcast.

In recent weeks, late-night talk shows have come under increasing criticism for inviting a lot of guests. This caused many frustrations, especially since the curfew was imposed. although Rota Stating that talk show guests should get an exception from the curfew, the show’s makers called In 1 at Genk Think of other ways to have conversations as opposed to a studio roundtable meeting. RTL and NPO have both said they’re more important in inviting guests, but that doesn’t seem to be really noticeable yet.

So LaBatch can count on social media for his response. “It’s cool that there are also TV personalities who have common sense. You can also promote your show over a video call,” writes one of them. “This is René Méusch’s face sitting in the studio when Arien LeBach explained that he didn’t think it was possible to travel with curfew now to get a promotion,” another notes accompanied by an emoji crying out with laughter. “I haven’t heard much in recent weeks: I don’t think it’s necessary to avoid curfews to promote my own program. A lot of people can take that as an example,” he concludes third.

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