Laubach carries a hilarious Trump message to Biden

In all Trumpian fashion, the current president shows the president’s new home in the making. Trump has an “official letter” for his successor Fake atmosphere (Fake Joe). In any case, there is no doubt about the peaceful move, but Donald still bears the trouble of giving Joe a short home run that he “ honestly ” won in 2016. Of course he beats over Freaky office, Verse … The Oval Office, Not about.

Once again, Lubach and satire were at their best and this is reflected in the ratings: Over 2 million viewers watched the hilarious video Lubach’s team made for this important post-US election broadcast. On YouTube, the video has yet to reach a record number of viewers like the video three years ago: With more than 300,000 views, it’s still just under 28 million views for the video. America first video, Netherlands second.

Although Arjen Lubach believes in stopping at your climax (see video below), he never says goodbye Sunday with Laubach. In fact, the comedian will play a new stage tour early next year, but now that it has been postponed due to the Coronavirus, he has had room on his schedule for the last season. The series, which revolves around the elections to the House of Representatives, consists of eight episodes.

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