Laurens’ favorite place (21)? Standing behind the turntable in his mini après-ski hut | inside

Hobby room…Breda – Entering the hobby room at Laurens de Kwant (21) from Breda is like visiting an Austrian après-ski cottage. Lasers color the room, a smoke machine blows, music sounds and wood furnishings—complete with horns, alpine hats and a miniature cable elevator running along the walls—complete the picture.

Laurens de Kwant’s hobby room grew with him. Since he was a young man, this was his place. It used to be full of Lego and Playmobil here. Today he indulges himself in his new passions, music, light and special effects.

Hobby room…

A place to quit completely and do whatever you please. This is the hobby room for many people. We show you such a space every week.

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First turntable

When Lorenz was 12 or 13 years old, he got his first turntable. A simple version but enough for hours of music enjoyment. In the following years, a large part of his pocket money and the money he receives on his birthday goes to the electronics store. “I’m not sure anymore, but I think a little disco light and a round disco ball were some of the first things I bought.”

Together with him he built his own DJ furniture. As it looks so cozy, there was also a round beer table and bar. Funny detail: Where you’d expect two refrigerators or, if needed, a beer keg below the bar, there’s a washer and dryer. “But if we’re having a party here, we push the shelf with the cleaner to the side and then put the beer boxes in there,” Laurens explains.

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Lawrence’s father provided the Austrian details. “My dad is a big fan of Austria, and that’s why.”

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Tiësto yet?

Laurens has now turned his hobby into his job. He works for a company based in Mollenchot that specializes in light and sound. Over the years, the DJ and lighting range has only expanded.

Breda residents have no ambitions to follow fellow famous people like Tiësto and Hardwell. , I prefer playing in Dutch.” And when do you work? “If there is something to celebrate. But also when my dad is cooking in the kitchen, I make it cozy with some great music.”

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