Lawsuits continue against Google over private status data collection | Currently

A lawsuit filed against Google last year is allowed to continue despite the tech giant’s objections. Writes that this was determined by a judge from California Bloomberg. Google’s Chrome browser allegedly violates users’ privacy.

The indictment states that Google collects information from people when they use Chrome in private mode. Prosecutors describe this as illegal and want Google Alphabet’s parent company to pay $ 5 billion (4.2 billion euros) in damages. This is a situation people can join if they think they have fallen victim to Google’s practices.

The technology company tried to drop the case, but the judge wrote in his ruling that Google “did not notify users that Google was collecting data when the user was in private mode.”

According to Google, it is clear to users that “incognito” does not mean “invisible”. User activity may still be visible to the websites they visit and the advertising services that use the websites during a private session.

Google says it rejects the lawsuit’s allegations and will defend itself strongly against it. The company reiterates that the search engine is completely honest about the data it collects in private mode. “As we clearly announce each time users open a new incognito tab, websites may be able to collect information about search activity,” the spokesperson said.

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