Lead Me Home is a documentary that will break the hearts of Athlete A producers

The documentary will be available from November 30 Take me home On Netflix. It takes producers less than 40 minutes to deliver a tough and intrusive film about homeless people in the United States. As an observer, in many cases you realize that this can happen to anyone. Read the review of the film Take me home.

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Half a million souls
500,000 people live on the streets in the United States. These people are homeless and have to look for a safe place to spend the night every night. This is a dangerous situation, and Take me home Documentary filmmakers John Schenk and Pedro Goss captured the dramatic situation from different perspectives.

Gids.tv Review:
The world and the cities are outraged, while they, the outcasts, are completely inside Run slowly Seems to work. The lives of homeless residents in Los Angeles, Seattle and San Francisco revolve around their own axis: this is what the producers want to say. They stand still as we continue to live. This fact is perfectly illustrated in this very short documentary with powerful editing and music. So before the holidays, keep in mind that most of us are not bad yet, this is definitely worth checking out. 3.5 star.

The documentary is directed by Pedro Goss and John Schenk (Athlete a)

The documentary will be available from November 30 Take me home Watch on Netflix. Category: Documentary. Duration: 40 minutes. IMDb score: 6.1.

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