Leaked images show a Xiaomi phone with a screen on the Camera Island | right Now

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra phone photos have been leaked. The phone has a small screen on the back, which is placed alongside the lenses on the camera island. This is evident from a now deleted video from Tech Buff PH, he writes XDA Developers.

In the YouTube video, someone claimed to be carrying the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra. XDA Developers He writes that the model number is correct and that other details of the photos also correspond to the previously leaked information.

What is striking is the small screen on the back, which is placed on the camera island. It is a 1 inch screen. It is not clear what is meant by it; It might show the person the photographer how to access the photo.

The same cameras can zoom up to 120 times. The standard camera is said to be able to take 50MP photos. Moreover, the phone may be equipped with a 6.8-inch screen on the front with a refresh rate of 120Hz. In addition, according to the leaked data, the device will have a 5000 mAh battery that can be charged wirelessly at a speed of 67W.

It is not clear if and when Xiaomi will present the device. It could be a prototype that the Chinese smartphone manufacturer is testing.

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