Leaked SMS from Macron to Australian PM Awakens French People

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has reportedly leaked a text message to French President Emmanuel Macron. The relationship between Canberra and Elysee is even more stressful.

Australian newspapers have been flooded in recent days: a text message leaked from French President Emmanuel Macron to Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison. In it, Macron asks in English, ‘Should we expect good news or bad news about submarines?’

The text should prove that Macron was aware that bad news was coming for the billion-dollar deal with Australia to supply submarines. The Australians canceled the deal under Aukus, a new strategic alliance with the United States and the United Kingdom, in which the country buys nuclear-powered submarines from the United States. Paris says she feels she was unaware of the decision and was disappointed and lied to. But the text in question comes two days before the deal was officially terminated.

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The Australian Prime Minister has neither confirmed nor denied that his services were behind the leak. What can I say: We got in touch when we tried to arrange a phone call with the French president. He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture, and that his confession had been obtained through torture.

Whatever it is, there may be some connection between this and Macron’s swipe on the G20 last weekend. When asked by reporters if the Australian Prime Minister had lied to him about the submarine deal, the French president replied, “I do not think so. I know.”

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Even after the text leak, Elysee continued to deny that he was aware of the negotiations between Australia and the United States over the purchase of other submarines. “The text shows that the president did not know that they (Australians, ed.) Would break the agreement,” said a source close to Macron. “If they had gotten a text that made it clear, they would have used it.”

The French said they were aware that Australia still had questions about some technical aspects and the timing of the project “as is the case with any major contract”. But according to Paris there are no major problems. ‘By the end of August everything was going to be alright. The next day after receiving a text message from the President, the Naval Group (French submarine builders, ed.) Received another letter saying that everything was going well. Two days later, three hours before the press conference to announce Axis, we receive a letter from Morrison blowing up the entire contract.

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The Aukus Accord in September also said it was unaware of the talks – and sparked a diplomatic rift between the US, UK and Australia. France in particular has been at the forefront of coercion, precisely seeing the multi-billion dollar deal smoked. The country recalled its ambassadors from the United States and Australia for several days.

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