Leakey and Jitke Van Lixmond respond to turmoil over the ritual

Rituals released a statement yesterday regarding all the criticism. The company said it regrets the protest. “Our cooperation is only related to the introduction of the lunar calendar, a product that has been successfully sold in the Netherlands for years. We would like to stress here that we fully support the government’s vaccination policy from the start,” the statement said. Brand.

ritual Meanwhile, he removed an interview with the sisters from the site And today, Leeki and Jitke respond in an interview with telegraph over all the fuss. She told the sisters that they focus as little as possible on negative reactions. They answer: “We are not guided by assumptions and judgments, but rather by communication and positivity.” “We also have absolutely no judgment on whether or not to vaccinate, it totally doesn’t matter to us. We’ve never made it public. We’ve been taught in our lives to never exclude anyone. Fortunately, we feel supported by the many beautiful messages we’ve received.” This is what we do for: love. We continue to stand behind our collaboration with Rituals and are proud to present our lunar calendar here.”

It also doesn’t matter to them that they are often accused of being too “thin”. “Normally we don’t even read what is said about us. We are all about positivity, so negative feelings don’t fit in. We are quite optimistic, we listen to our hearts and live on intuition. We find the topic” Moon “interesting: everything has a time and place and there is a cycle but we Realizing we’re in a corner it’s very easy to get angry making people think we’re just a little cuckoo but spirituality means being in touch with yourself so there’s nothing we don’t care about anything vague.”

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Leakey recently announced that she’s seeing a bit of a spiritual show with her sister:

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