Leaving undeveloped Carré Castle earns 1.75 million Euros from Jemert Paikl.

Gemert-Bakel Leaving the tree yard in the castle park undeveloped will give Gemert-Bakel an additional interest of €1.75 million. The mayor’s council and aldermen write this in a letter to the city council. The feature is the result of agreements between county, municipality, castle developer BL Huisvesting and county development company Room for Space about compensatory housing elsewhere in Gemert.

In the spring of 2022, the cooperation between the county, the municipality, the development company Room for Space and BL Housing began to find a solution to not build on the tree yard in the castle park. BL Huisvesting wanted to build flats on this site. This was met with objections from the province. This is why the plan was cancelled. The result was a hole in the budget for the redevelopment of the castle. As a result, the feasibility of the Gimert Castle project has come under pressure. This is why agreements have been made to absorb the developer financially.

financial loan

On March 7, 2023, the provincial government made a decision in principle on co-financing the redevelopment. The province is ready to provide a loan of €4.5 million to BL Huisvesting on terms.

Housing construction

The county also complies with the administrative agreement to engage the county development company Room for Space to realize housing at other sites in Gemert-Bakel in the interest of social added value. The municipality of Gemert-Bakel has thus expressed its intention to make a commitment to make maximum efforts for spatial/planning cooperation in the Groenendaal sites and the municipal VCR district of Gemert.

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According to the Municipal Council of Cemret Pakil, the governorate’s decision in principle provided more clarity about the feasibility of the final plan. “A carré was not built here and the parking site has been reduced in size. With the revised plan, BL Huisvesting is renovating and transforming the castle in a sustainable way, while preserving cultural, historical and heritage values. The castle park will also be reopened to the public and the castle will once again have a function for the community of Gemert.”

1.75 million

As an additional financial benefit, the Municipality of Cemret Pakel will receive a contribution of 1.75 million euros from the province after the completion of the Chamber’s plots. These resources are deposited in the Rural Area Impulse facility and, according to the municipality’s executive authority, should be used to improve the quality of the Gemert-Bakel hinterland.

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