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We bring you today’s most read Formula 1 news in this GPFans Recap. Below are the most discussed topics from the Royal Class of Motorsport compiled into one article. This will keep you fully informed about all the developments within minutes.

Race weekend in Austin is just a few days away. It was announced earlier today Max Verstappen Travels to America with a special design of his helmet. Formula 1 journalist Peter Windsor expects it Red Bull Racing Get a punishment that will affect them for the next two or three years Ferrari Going to test a new power unit in the car Charles Leclerc, Monegasque awarded a five-point penalty. You can read this and more in our brand new below GPFans Recap.

Heavy punishment for Red Bull? “Fingers will be tapped for the next two or three years”

Williams’ journalist and former manager, Peter Windsor, said Red Bull was facing a punishment that would have repercussions for years. He doesn’t believe Adrian Newey’s salary, but anyone else’s at Red Bull, is the problem. Read the full article? Click here

The FIA ​​makes changes to the regulations after the World Motor Sport Council meeting

The World Motor Sport Council met on Wednesday and the FIA ​​announced some changes to Formula 1 after a debate. It is about security aspects, many of the concerns of the teams should be removed. Read the full article? Click here

Verstappen in hunt for prestigious F1 record, big news Rabbit – What to expect from GB America

The United States Grand Prix is ​​scheduled for this weekend. Although Max Verstappen has already decided the Drivers’ World Championship in his favour, there is much to look forward to at the Circuit of the Americas. Read the full article? Click here

Ferrari tests new power source in Austin after FIA approval, Leclerc fined five places

Charles Leclerc receives a five-place grid penalty due to an engine change for the United States Grand Prix. What’s interesting about this switch is that it’s a machine with specifications for 2023, according to the Italian branch. Motorsport.com. Read the full article? Click here

How much fuel does a Formula 1 car use during a race?

Formula 1 cars use a significant amount of fuel during a Grand Prix. And while consumption is still nowhere near the average street car, the sport has made great strides in recent years. Read the full article? Click here

Verstappen has unveiled a special helmet for the race weekend in America

Max Verstappen will ride in America next weekend with a special helmet, something the Dutchman does often during the season. Formula 1 will be in action this weekend in Austin, Texas. Read the full article? Click here

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