LED lights are 15% more efficient in British farmer’s second vertical farm

New lights will be installed on Jones Food Company’s vertical farm. To be precise, the latest generation of GE Current’s ARize Lynk2 horticultural LED lighting.

The lights will be hung in the second vertical farmer’s farm (JFC2), which is more than one hectare in size. The production site is currently under construction near Bristol in the southwest of England.

The farmer already made his first farm in 2018. There are also lamps from GE Current there.

Malcolm Yary of current comments: “The first JFC facility was pioneering in demonstrating how large-scale vertical farming can be commercially viable in the UK. Since then, we have seen tremendous development, both in terms of technological advancements and the areas of retail and consumer demand for products Fresh local. JFC2 promises to have an equally significant impact, and we look to ensuring that the lighting used contributes to reducing overall energy consumption and the long-term environmental impact.”

The facility will grow herbs and other leafy greens using Next-generation Current LED horticultural lighting.

High-quality and energy-saving lighting
The Lynk2 is designed for the vertical growth of herbs, leafy greens and small greens in multiple layers and will be installed on up to 17 layers of gutters to maximize space within the facility. The lighting design was developed in close collaboration between Current’s lighting design team and JFC’s factory scientists and operating experts and included accurate modeling and multiple simulations to achieve the optimal design with the fewest fixtures.

The Lynk2 is a new evolution of Current’s specialized horticultural LED technology, which is designed to last up to 54,000 hours up to L90, and is backed by a five-year warranty. It also features an energy efficiency rating of up to 3.2 µL/Joule, is up to 15% more efficient than the first generation Arize Lynk, and has 0 to 10 V dimming and a larger light emission area than the previous generation, requiring fewer fixtures to cover the same. Region. to cover.

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The formulations themselves are also designed to reduce waste, using recyclable materials and minimal silicon to further reduce Lynk2’s carbon footprint, making it ideally suited for businesses where sustainability and productivity are paramount.

James Lloyd-Jones, Founder and CEO of JFC, said: “Our first vertical farm proves that vertical farming can not only be economically viable but also be a greener option that helps the UK meet its food security and environmental commitments.”

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GE Current, Daintree

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