Legal proposal: Controls the distribution and sale of applications more freely

Three U.S. senators have introduced a bill that would restrict the autonomy of Apple and Google to freely control the sale and distribution of apps on iOS and Android. Technician Kirtan von Hoof has his bookings about the projects.

Legal proposal: Controls the distribution and sale of applications more freely

Van Hoof explains what the law is. “The law generally restricts the authority of Apple and Google’s App Stores. Percent. Other major technology companies have also been battling with Apple and Google for some time about paying through app stores and commissions.

The law deals with many points. For example, payments for apps outside the App Store and free pricing of app suppliers are also possible. In addition, senators like to impose fines on external apps to prevent miscommunication with their own Apple or Google apps. Other issues include allowing sales and installation on the operating system through third-party app stores, and opening the operating system to access hardware and interfaces for third-party applications such as Apple and Google.

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Increasingly obvious

Van Hoof is not particularly sure about the last two points. “We’ve been criticizing Apple for years because the company uses personal data and it’s not clear how applications do it. And cannot be tracked. ‘

If so, Apple may not fully guarantee protection against installed rogue applications, such as copies of genuine but existing processors. “Furthermore, Apple cannot guarantee applications that are not explicit in how they use any data. In addition, applications will soon be allowed to use even more hardware from phones and extract data from the operating system for their own purposes. As a user, you are less protected for that, ‘says the technician.

The problem

So he believes the law will not pass. “Free pricing and pricing from developers is only possible with the App Store, and I hope it will be easily edited so that developers can unfairly compete for their inventions. Van Hoof wonders who will guarantee our privacy.

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