Leiden Environmental Vision 2040: A space for tall buildings and green spaces

Leiden City Council has produced a second version of the Leiden Environmental Vision 2040. The original version of 2019 was supplemented with previously missing topics and provided with maps showing where the municipality has planned green spaces, work and living spaces.

“We entered into conversations with Leiden residents. This showed that our ideas were not always tangible enough.” “People see a lot being built and they worry about whether there is still room for green in the city,” says Alderman Fleur Spikeer (sustainable urbanization). The municipality wants to show you plans for the city with maps.

The renewed vision is divided into four axes: a green and blue framework, an attractive business climate, sustainable mobility, and soil as a foundation. Within these topics, the city council always indicates options and conditions graphically and in text.

the second episode
The vision of a “green and blue framework” describes that the municipal executive wants to achieve a second green circle outside the center. Spijker explains: “We want to create green borders along the city limits, which connect to the city center via a“ spokesperson. ”With the Second Ring Road, and with it additional green spaces in the city, the city council wants to combat climate change, enhance biodiversity, and encourage Leiden residents to Get adequate exercise.

The text continues after the image.

high increase
The document contains a towering separate section. We are talking about buildings more than seventy meters high. This is possible in four locations: LEAD, two blocks in the station area and the “West Entrance” at the Holiday Inn. “We can go there a little more,” says Spijker. In the rest of the city, the new building is divided into two different types: up to fifty meters and between fifty and seventy meters.

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The topic “Sustainable Mobility” describes the shift from car to public transport and bike transportation. Subsoil is central to the theme of “Soil as Foundation”. Spijker: “Here we describe, for example, where the heat grids will be installed. And how we take plants and animals into consideration.”

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