Leiderdorp invests € 175,000 in the renewal of the Statendaalderplein: ‘We should not pay for it’

The impression of the square as it would appear. (Photo: Lederdorp municipality).

Statendaalderplein has been in need of a change for years. On Monday evening, Laiddorp City Council approved the college plan, but not without some protest. According to the opposition, the costs were to be paid contractually by Wereldhave, the owner of the Winkelhof. Reassuring councilor Willem Justin, councilor Willem Justin is convinced that the money will eventually be returned to the town hall.

The reform plan is now seven years. In 2013, the municipality entered into an agreement with Wereldhave on the development of Winkelhof and public spaces. Wereldhave, a listed investment company, will pay for the renovation of the public space, including the yard, in accordance with the agreement.

legal situation
Now that the development of the Winkelhof has taken a long time, the municipality has decided to take the initiative on its own and begin the redevelopment of the square. Various parties in the city council indicated that the square was no longer waiting for maintenance. However, Wereldha clarified in a conversation with the municipality that they are not yet sure if they will develop, and what they can gain from it, and therefore cannot pay anything. Alderman Joosten trusts the municipality’s legal status and assumes that Wereldhave will eventually pay € 175,000.

The opposition put forward a proposal on Monday to allow a member of the House of Representatives to enter into talks with Fereldev. According to them, the municipality has no right to pay this money. “I blame a local councilor for not engaging in a debate with Wereldhave himself,” said PvdA councilor Olaf McDaniel, who made the proposal with GroenLinks and the PLP. Wereldhave said he wouldn’t pay if they couldn’t earn anything. We take a high risk of that. “

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Not a cents
The proposal was not supported because the coalition did not expect Wereldhave to change its position. For example, Wereldhave will temporarily get a new entrance in Winkelhof without making a single penny.

Meanwhile, Leiderdorpse Ondernemersvereniging (LOV) is excited about the regeneration. “A justified reform, we believe, took a very long time,” the association said in a speech.

Leaderdorp Statenddorplin

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