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“It’s so nice after this year of thinking that I’ve been allowed to take good care of myself,” says Leonten. Show news. “Same goes for Marco, we were able to do it separately. I think that’s where it basically lies: staying close to yourself and discovering. Self-care has brought so much, both to me and to Marco. If you can find that together again It’s very special and beautiful. And I’m so grateful for that. It’s not given to everyone.”

Daughter Jada, who also interrogated her Show news, thrilled to be reunited with her parents. “It’s every kid’s dream,” she says, “if that’s possible, of course.” “I’m also proud that they don’t run too fast. They do their own thing, but it’s so good that they have so much fun together.”

Jada never felt that her parents were separated. “They were still very close in a healthy way. That was very nice, for us as well as kids. It was a very difficult time, but that made it a lot easier.”


The Marco and Leontine reunion went “on its own.” “I don’t think there was a single moment,” Leontin says. Jada adds: “They constantly listened to their feelings and their hearts. Their feeling was good, being together feels good. Then you can do it in a calm way.” Leontin agrees, “Speak kindly, my dear,” she winks.

“We have never hidden the fact that we love each other,” Leontin continues. When love is there, it can go one way or the other. Love can be in many forms. We take it simple, we both continue to live in our own place. We are now having a nice, fun time together. She concluded by saying: “We’re enjoying this a lot now.”

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