Leontine Borsato called for openness: “What do you think about this?”

Leontine Borsato remains silent at the grave now that her great love Marco has been accused of sexual assault. However, many people wonder what you think about it. “This should affect you as a mother.”

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He’s been completely quiet around Leontine Borsato for some time now. She was suddenly admitted to some kind of stress clinic at the beginning of November and woke up a great deal of doubt. A month later, her love partner Marco Borsato was reported to. A 22-year-old woman accused him of sexual assault since she was 15.

MediaPose Leontine

On the day Marko released his first statement on the case, Leontin posted her latest photos to her Instagram website. I had a nice time sleepwear party I sat with a number of good friends, including Anouk Smulders and Quinty Trustfull. This led to big misunderstanding With Angela de Young.

Soon Leontine decided to make mediapauze complete to be entered, but spokeswoman Anouk Smulders happily stayed on the job. It all started on Shownieuws, the alleged victim of Marco to make her suspicious. As a result, Anouk received a wave of criticism and it appears that she too has entered some kind of media break.

What does Leontin think?

Leonten decided anyway to keep quiet for several months, but Lang France’s ex-girlfriend, Danielle van Alderen, doesn’t think that’s entirely appropriate. She is very curious about what Leontine is saying. “I’d like to know what Leontin thinks of this. As a mother, this should touch you very much,” she says in a weekly magazine. a story.

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However, it could be Leontine standing right behind Marko and not wanting to say anything that could be used against him. Critics say there is little evidence against Marco anyway. Danielle says she is tired. “What do people want then? Marco’s charlatan?”

Knee-high pants

Danielle has also heard violent stories about Marco. “I heard Marco Borsato was caught in his dressing room during The Voice Kids with the pants on his knees.”

with whom? “I always assumed this was with someone from the production. Until I heard other stories just last year…”

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