“Leontine Borsato has known about the allegations of abuse for a year and a half”

Leontine Borsato was informed of the alleged sexual assault by Marco over a year and a half ago. This was reported by Yvonne Coldvier, who is in contact with his advertiser.

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A lot of people feel sorry for Leontine Borsato now that Marco has been accused of sexual assault, but showrunner Yvonne Caldweire doesn’t share that sentiment. “Leo is so pathetic, right? We all think Leo is pathetic, right? Why is Leo suddenly on a media break? How can that be?” In her latest video.

“Do you know about this?”

Leontine holds a Media pause Because she dreads a crucial question, Yvonne thinks. “Let me tell you what Leo is so afraid of. There is one question you don’t want us to ask and that is: Did you know about this? I know the answer to that question.”

Yes, I learned of the alleged violations, says Yvonne. When the divorce between Marco and Leontine was announced in February 2020, the mother of Marco’s alleged victim went to Leontine, Yvonne knows. It was seven months after the mother confronted Marco herself, which he reported telegraph Happened on July 4, 2019.

Leontin’s reaction is short

According to Yvonne, Leontine was very rude. “At that time, the victim’s mother called Leontine and told him about the situation and about the abuse that had occurred. Leontine responded to this briefly and then didn’t say anything about herself again, not even to the victim.”

And it hurts so much, because both families have always been so close, Yvonne explains. “All those years, since the birth of the girl, there has been very intense contact between all these relatives, so Marco, Leonten, the children and the victim’s family.”

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“It’s been known for a long time!”

If what Yvonne says is true, Leontine has known about the case for over a year and a half. “Leo knew this from February 2020. Stalko was already aware of this a year ago and may not have shared it with Leo, so she has been aware of the whole allegation since last spring (…).”

His “sadness” over cheating fell completely during this period. I guess he wasn’t too interested in cheating, but more importantly, he was very concerned that the other part would come true. The part that has now appeared.”

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