Leontine Weesing Head of Consulting, Culture and Science at OCW | news item

From a legal perspective, the WJZ administration contributes to the fulfillment of the social functions of the Ministry, for example by writing legislation and providing legal advice. As head of the ACW division, Leontine will be responsible for a portion of OCW legislation and for legal advice in a variety of areas.

Alfred Ross (Acting Director of Legislation and Legal Affairs): “I am very happy that Leontine has arrived in our ministry. With her arrival, our machine translation is complete again and we gain a wealth of legal experience. Her experience, knowledge, decisiveness and energy allows us to continue in full force, and it gives translation room The mechanism is again ours for long-term initiatives.”

Leontine Weesing: I’m really looking forward to working at WJZ. In recent years I have had to deal regularly with this department in the course of giving advice on regulations from OCW and these experiences have always been good. The topics this section deals with are of great interest and subject matter, as evidenced again by the recent discussion on media law. The combination of legislation and legal advice that comes with my new position appeals to me very much given my career so far.”

LHM (Leontine) Weesing has been working in the Council of State since 2010. She started there as a legislative lawyer and since 2017 has been the head of the first sector in the advisory directorate. Prior to that, she worked as a consultant at Kinobi BV, a legal specialist in the Electoral Council and a legislative attorney at the Ministry of Interior and Kingdom Relations.

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Leonten studied Dutch law at the Free University of Amsterdam, then completed her training as a legislative lawyer at the Academy of Legislation, received her BA and MA degrees in political science from Leiden University, and recently completed her Ph.D. at the University of East Anglia in Great Britain. Britain.

This appointment to the position of ABD is determined by the general procedure for positions within the General Administrative Services category. Appointment and selection for this appointment were made by the ABD office and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. The vacancies offered by Bureau ABD are widely advertised and anyone can apply.

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