Les Miserables to Maastricht | 1 Limburg

One of the most successful musicals ever, Les Misérables comes to Maastricht.

The theater announced on Monday that the show could be seen 13 times in April in a theater after Frithof. The leading role is Kerkradenaar Milan van Waardenburg.

A dream come true
For Van Wardenburg, who will play Jean Valjean, the dream came true. “I’ve always said: If I could ever play that role, I would have achieved everything I wanted to achieve in my career. And it will.”

Van Wardenburg was born in Kerkrade and raised in Heerlen. He previously played a major role in Anastasia. Currently, the actor is on stage in Berlin.

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Friendship, Freedom and Love
Les Misérables is an adaptation of Victor Hugo’s novel of the same name about friendship, freedom and love. The piece has been shown continuously in London since 1986. It is the UK’s longest-running musical. The performance has also been performed on Broadway in New York for years.

twice before
In Holland, the musical has been played twice before. In 1991 Job van den Ende produced the first Dutch version with Paul de Leeuw, Pia Doys and Ernst Daniel Smid, among others. And in 2008 a version appeared with Rene van Cotten and Jamie Le Mans, among others.

Les Misérables will premiere at Carré next year in March, after which the show in Limburg will visit the theater aan het Vrijthof. In addition to Milan van Wardenburg, Frick Bartels and Vagen van den Bosch are also involved.

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