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This year we’re going to cut less. Strips of lawn, banks, and roadsides will soon consist of tall grass.

Now that it is getting warmer and it rains regularly, the grass is growing fast. Beautiful to give space to nature and increase biodiversity. But we also understand that not everyone is happy with tall grass. When one of the residents has a greater experience in nature, the other may feel it as a messy look. Or as a nuisance to his garden adjacent to green.

Why mow less?
Enkhuizen faces huge cuts in 2021. This is why we’re going to cut less. In addition, we also want to give more space to nature in a number of places to increase biodiversity. This has consequences for the look and feel of the lawn.

Where does the shear change?
The lawn will look different in different places. This is especially true for strips along water in residential areas and strips of grass in industrial areas. Here the strips of lawn are mowed twice a year. Just as it happens now on the dockside along the canals in the city center. The result is that the wharf grass around the scaffolding is also higher. Scaffolding will still be available.

Nothing will change at the football fields, stadiums, at junctions and along the hiking and cycling paths. There we make sure the lawn stays short.

In 2021 we will start cutting grass in stages in different locations. With this shape, not all of the lawn is cut at the same time. In this way we create more space for nature and biodiversity in and around our city. The staging cut creates an area with different types of flowers and plants. Where possible, we keep grass high around oak trees. Because of the tall grass, the oak caterpillar can move less quickly.

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Source text and image: The municipality of Enkhuisen

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