Let a divided America be a warning | 1 Limburg

The Netherlands must be careful not to make the same political and social mistakes America has made.

Here’s what former Rep. Mark Verhein of Venlo at L1mburg Central said.

Divided and paved
Verheijen traveled across the US for four weeks to investigate why Obama’s advocates had turned into Trump. He said he found a divided and sclerotic society. “The political debate in America is very tough,” said former VVD Rep. “You are a supporter or opponent, you are the winner or the loser. This cruelty, lack of nuance seems to be increasingly common in the Netherlands.”

Verheijen, a member of Venlo’s town hall, recorded his experiences in the book We Don’t Know America At All. During his tour, places in southern Limburg reminded him: “Cities in states like Ohio and West Virginia have been emptied due to automation and globalization. Young people are moving away and the population is shrinking. You can see it and see it in Limburg.”

According to him, it also explains why a relatively large number of Limburgers voted for a protest or populist party, just as the Americans in the home states chose Trump. “The population feels that politics has abandoned it, for example when the mines were closed. This is a factor in the United States, but here too.”

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