Let’s play ping pong

A sensation in the world of Dutch table tennis. Racquet players were taken aback by lightning yesterday with a comment from… Louis van Gaal. The coach of the orange national team allowed himself to let go of the camera that the Dutch national team should present at the World Cup. Look, I keep saying it, it’s not ping pong, to have fun playing table tennis. No it’s not, you want to become a world champion.

And it was against the sore leg of many a table tennis player or table tennis player. So is the case with betaine frescoup (61). “Look, I love Van Gaal and maybe he doesn’t mean it wrong, but he should have said ‘pimpampets’ or something. Now he’s playing a little sport that doesn’t have an easy time. Tennis, the two-time European champion and athlete of the year in 1981 and 1985, said Table tennis is perhaps the most intense training sport.

Ping pong game

But FreeCup isn’t the worst. On social media she implored Van Gaal and his men: ‘I hereby challenge all players of the Dutch national football team to play a table tennis match against me. No, not paddle board, not even table football, but ping pong! First “submit” to the gentlemen and become the world soccer champion. Ping pong is a piece of cake after that! ”

Van Gaal has not responded to the challenge yet.

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