Lewis Hamilton admires NASCAR, MotoGP and IndyCar, but focuses on Formula 1

Lewis Hamilton says he enjoys other motorsport championships and wants to try NASCAR and IndyCar cars and a MotoGP bike. However, that is not the dream of the seven-time Formula 1 title winner, who prefers to focus on the premier class for now.

The Mercedes driver is currently fourth in the standings. He finished fifth in the season opener in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. The 38-year-old from Stevenage had a good weekend in Australia where he finished second. A sixth-place finish in Azerbaijan was his worst finish of the season so far.


“I had one many years ago Car transfer It was a lot of fun doing it with Tony Stewart,” Hamilton said. At Watkins Glen in 2011, the Briton drove three-time Cup Series champion Tony Stewart’s NASCAR car, Stewart got behind the wheel of a McLaren MP4. -23 2008. “I’d like to try it sometime,” Hamilton said. “It’s not my dream to race in another championship, but I’m a fan,” he continued about racing in NASCAR. I am a fan of racing and other sports. So I want to try it.” Jenson Button and Kimi Raikkonen already competed in the NASCAR Cup Series at Circuit of the Americas earlier this year.

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MotoGP and IndyCar

“I would love to trade with Valentino Rossi to try MotoGP,” Hamilton continued. Nine-time world champion on two wheels, Rossi is currently active in GT3 racing. “I also watch IndyCar sometimes and would like to try such a car one day. But right now my focus is only on Formula 1 and I don’t plan to leave anytime soon.” Toto Wolff confirmed this weekend ahead of the Miami Grand Prix that Hamilton will soon sign a new contract.

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