Lewis Hamilton lists Mission 44 as the achievement he is most proud of

Ewan Gill and Brian van Henthum

Tue, Jan 17, 2023 5:08 PM

Lewis Hamilton He has of course achieved a lot with his seven Formula 1 world championships, but the Brit is often busy with all sorts of different things off the track. The Stevenage man has now revealed what he is most proud of off the track.

It doesn’t look like Hamilton fans have to say goodbye to their favorite driver at the moment. The Briton is likely to join the team after his contract expires after 2023 Mercedes Stretch and therefore will remain active at the highest level of motorsport for a while. This greatly increases the chance that Hamilton is still racing for Mercedes even at the age of 40, although he is also busy with all sorts of off-track things. For example, Hamilton is working on a movie in Hollywood with good friend Brad Pitt.

Mission 44

The Mercedes driver also has an above average interest in the world of fashion and actively campaigns for increasing diversity and inclusion in motorsports. The latter describes the Mercedes driver as the activity he is most proud of, beyond his racing accomplishments. “The thing I’m most proud of is Mission 44,” says the seven-time world champion. Mission 44 is the foundation that Hamilton built in 2021 to increase diversity and inclusion in motorsports and to support youth from underrepresented groups in general.

Opportunities for young people

Hamilton continues: “We have probably one of the most diverse non-profit organizations in the UK. I’ve been to schools and I’ve seen the impact it’s all starting to make and I’m very proud of that. I feel like I live for doing my part, and I think it’s starting to have an impact.” Tangible and positive. We will see more equality for younger children and more opportunities for children from different backgrounds. I am very happy about this.”

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