Lewis Hamilton misses an opportunity to make an offer for Manchester United

Remy Ramjawan

Lewis Hamilton has made a decision about the potential involvement of taking over Manchester United Football Club. Ineos, part-owner of the Mercedes Formula 1 team, is the first potential buyer to sign up for the football club and will Hamilton, according to Briton. independent Do not participate this time.

The seven-time champions teamed up with Sir Martin Broughton in a bid to buy Chelsea last year, but ultimately failed. Then the Briton bought a stake in the Denver Broncos NFL club. Sir Jim Ratcliffe, with his company INEOS, is the third shareholder in INEOS Mercedes He will make a serious attempt to take over Manchester United. The Glazers, the football club’s current owner, announced in November that a sale of the club was in the works.

Not interested

With relations between Hamilton and Ratcliffe so close, there has been some speculation about the seven-time champions’ involvement in the Manchester United takeover bid. However, according to the British outlet, Hamilton will not play a part in Ratcliffe’s bid, simply because he has no interest in a potential takeover at the moment.

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Sir Jim Ratcliffe and Lewis Hamilton

It was announced last week that Ineos is seriously interested in taking over the club. However, the company probably won’t be the only potential buyer. Parties from the United States, the Middle East and Asia are expected to report to the British club.

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