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NoteLewis Hamilton has been slapped in the cheek by Max Verstappen in the last two races. But he retaliated strongly in Brazil for two penalties. After a tasty fight at Interlogos, Brit won, the difference in World Cup positions narrowed from 21 to 14 points.

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By Rick Speckenbring

The best Formula 1 season gets the apotheosis it deserves. In the desert, Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton will fight over who will be the world champion in the last three races. The Dutchman seemed to pick up speed in the United States and Mexico, and after those races he suffered, and in Brazil he retaliated. With the help of a strong car, he won a thrilling Sao Paulo Grand Prix. Verstappen finished second and shrunk his presence to seven points at the World Cup.

What a great fight again between the two Ruffs. In Brazil, Hamilton did not suffer two penalties. He started Saturday’s sprint race from last place and the Grand Prix from tenth place, but he was still the big winner.

Verstappen is a great start

Verstappen seemed to be doing good business in the beginning. He made a great start, quickly putting his car next to polar Valteri Potos and first turning left. Finn was seen being pushed out slightly. Verstappen’s teammate Sergio Perez was able to overtake him, especially as he went wide after a few corners.

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Check out Louis Hamilton’s final.

Speaking of a good start, Lewis Hamilton took off like a rocket. He immediately finished seventh, shortly after fourth, and then Potas allowed him to pass. Due to a security car and debris on the track, the lead that Verstappen had built was gone. “We’ll get them,” Hamilton said on-board radio. The two penalties he had to take this weekend didn’t hurt him because he could fight with two bulls.

At the rolling resume, Verstappen was ready as always. Together with Perez, they were able to push Hamilton back. But Mercedes was clearly fast. Hamilton needed two attempts because Perez got the first attempt, but then had to surrender.

Britain was able to hunt down Verstappen. But he didn’t get close at first, the margin was between three and four seconds.

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Mercedes and Red Bull strategy

Hamilton then made the first decision in an attempt to make an undercut, replacing the tires. Logically, Verstappen immediately adjusted the lap, stopped at the same time, and came back in front of Hamilton. However, the Netherlands’ lead was halved. “This should not happen again,” Verstappen told his engineer.

He was able to put Hamilton back in a good second, but actually went first before the second stop and picked up the ‘attack’ himself on the 40th lap. He gave up the lead in the game, dangerous, but deliberate. Britain did not react immediately, but rather quickly, ended up behind Verstappen again. Mercedes players were upset. “We’re throwing a simple 1-2,” Potos said, adding that it was not clear what he was based on. “No, no, I’m not asking for this,” Hamilton said of the choice for the hard tire.

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But he went on new tires like the fire brigade and quickly fell into the TRS range. He could attack Verstappen, he did, and together they ended up out of the way, avoiding a touch. Racing officials reviewed the incident but explained that it was legal. “Of course,” Hamilton said, presumably with cynical intent.

He may start again. But he was fast, and Limburger had to give up on the fourth serious attempt. Hamilton came out, second only to Verstappen Potos. Sergio Perez, who received a high-speed lap bonus point from Hamilton on the last lap, knows how important it is to look back.

Louis Hamilton celebrates his victory in Brazil, with Max Verstappen watching in the background.
Louis Hamilton celebrates his victory in Brazil, with Max Verstappen watching in the background. © REUTERS

The final part in Formula 1

However, the season will not end in Doha next week. The MotoGP track is new to everyone. The final race is planned, similar to the route in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. But it will end in Abu Dhabi. That will complete the story.

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