Liberation: Why the North Sea should be given the right

How can the North Sea become a legal person? The sea has its own rights to respect health and well-being. In a collection of articles entitled ‘Voice of the North Sea’, lawyer and writer Laura Burgers gives voice to the rights to the sea. She tells me about it Pay attention.

Sea Liberation: The North Sea as a Law Firm

This may seem a bit strange, it is perfect for a large pool. But beware of what you think is strange: people once thought that giving rights to slaves and women was absurd, and that a fetus got rights, or that institutions and universities could not be imagined. Now they all have rights, and thankfully.

Nature has no right to do anything to her

Also: This is not the first time that rights have been granted to a part of nature. In other countries forests and rivers already have their own rights that can actually be exercised before a judge before a representative. “It started in 2008,” Laura Burgers said. “Ecuador then has the constitutional right to pay homage to the existence of ‘Pachamama’ (Mother Earth) because he is the basis of all life.”

Bolivia followed a law of rights to Mother Nature, and now there are about 400 initiatives worldwide in which the rights of nature are somehow designed. The Wanganui River in New Zealand was also granted the status of a law firm in 2017 thanks to decades of efforts by the Mari tribe. W.Why not the North Sea?

Such a legal state of nature often has two kinds of consequences. “Practice is natural or a river [zonder zo’n status] She has no right to be harmed. So they cannot go to court to prove their opinion. “With such a status, it is possible – certainly through an intermediary.

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But there is also a symbolic effect: “The [gebrek aan rechten voor de natuur] Reflects an idea that existed from Enlightenment, i.e. there is a kind of difference between the human world and the natural world. I think both are outdated. In this era of so-called anthropocene – the era of man you see that it is not fair – you clearly see that our actions have an impact on nature. We thought we could conquer nature and exploit it for our benefit. But that’s not a good idea, it’s coming back like a kind of boomerang. “

Collection of essays by Laura Burgers, Eva Meijers and Evanne Novak, ‘Voice of the North Sea’ Long list For the Socrates Cup, the prize for the most urgent, original and wonderful philosophical book of the year.

Another problem with anthropocene: the world’s oceans are filled with small plastic particles, plastic soup. How can plastic become such an environmental issue? NPO knowledge Explains it.

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