Lickie Martens looks forward to a real test against USA | 1 Limburg

Lake Martins is curious about the balance of power between the Dutch national team and the United States. “Of course we haven’t played against a big team like this for a long time, so I’m just curious.”

This week Martens is preparing in Zeest with the Dutch national team for a friendly match against the world champion.

Last year, the Netherlands lost the World Cup Final in Lyon 2-0 to the Americans. There are no feelings of revenge. “Of course it is a pity that we lost the World Cup Final, but we are now preparing for the Olympic Games and this is an intermediate step towards that.” The match will be held in Breda on Friday evening.

Martins is happy to be back in the Netherlands. “It is nice to see my family and friends again. We have two days to visit the family before and after this period of international matches, I see that as an added bonus.” When asked if she still has a lot with Limburg, she said, “Yes, I am proud to be from Limburg, but I don’t think I will return to live there.”

I draw PSV
During the orange training camp, the draw for the first round of the Champions League was announced. And guess what: Laiki Martins FC Barcelona meet the first player of PSV Eindhoven. “I would have secretly hoped for it, because after that I hope to see my family. I have never played against a Dutch club in those six years. The girls of PSV were less happy, but I am very happy about that.”

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Friday is an exhibition match against the United States, next Tuesday there is the last qualifying match for the European Championship against Kosovo. The Netherlands has already qualified for the European Championship in England in 2022.

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