Like ‘Devil Dumfries’: ‘The star of the Van Gaal lineup’

Denzel Dumfries was the man in the Dutch side on Saturday. With 2 assists and 1 goal, “De Tank” is back. In addition to the national press, the international press also sings of Dumfries.

The Guardian, for example, gives Dumfries the highest score, a 9. “He was by far the most dangerous player on the field. Constantly creating danger and setting up two goals, he also scored a goal himself.”

Mundo Deportivo
They also love “Devil Dumfries” in Spain. “Dumfries is the perfect example of a full-back in modern football,” said Mundo Deportivo. “The international defender is a physical marvel, capable of diving into spaces with his devilish speed and terrorizing the enemy penalty area.”

“Dumfries did his role as a vacuum cleaner perfectly,” notes L’Équipe French. “The defender unleashed down the right. Apart from his share of goals, he was strong defensively too, although he missed Haji Wright’s effort from the line.”

La Gazzetta dello Sport
The Italian sports newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport talks about the “Super Dumfries”. “Dumfries is the star of Van Gaal’s squad. In the group stage it wasn’t great for what he showed, but against the USA he dominated the right wing completely as usual.”

Bild wrote: “Denzel first, then Washington. Not American actor Denzel Washington is the monster, but Inter player Denzel Dumfries!”. With two assists and one goal, he brought the American team back to Washington, D.C.

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