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Limburg athletics clubs are expecting more registrations after the Dutch team’s successes at the Tokyo Olympics.

The Dutch national team won no less than seven medals in several different parts. This is a new record. And the queen of the Dutch national athletics team is Sivan Hassan, with two gold medals and a bronze medal.

At AV Unitas in Sittard, they hope that new young members will enroll after the holiday. In the summer, training sessions are set in the background, but every small group of young members who come to the track have enjoyed the performance. “Hopefully many kids will come to the ring after the holiday,” says coach Bart Kortoms. “It’s great what the Dutch team has shown, it must be contagious.”

They are also expecting a big crowd at the athletics in Maastricht. But the club is still struggling to bring in new members due to the lack of available coaches. The club notes that a lot of information has already been requested over the phone by the parties involved, but that new members are being put on a waiting list for the time being.

the master
LTPH running team coach Paul Hagedorn believes Daphne Schippers has heralded the Dutch team’s success. “She won a medal in the previous Olympics. Now you see that many athletes have achieved this high level. Gerard Niebuhr also drew many people to the athletics track in the 1980s with his performance. If athletics isn’t on the map now, you know I’m not yet right Now “.

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